Finding True North at Wanderlust 108 San Francisco

Namaste Wanderlust 108 SF! Practicing with hundreds of oms on the Marina Green in San Francisco was an inspiring, sweaty, and soul-fueling Saturday afternoon well spent. You could feel the collective intention building with each breath and heart opening asana. Thanks to warmth building chaturanga-vinyasa-flow, the practice was unfazed by clouds rolling overhead. Here's what the vibrations of more than one hundred "oms" in unison looked like -

Photos my own and c/o wanderlust fest

Highlights of the day:

  • MC Yogi crowd hyping and leading an hour of flow to DJ Sol Rising beats - with intentional claps, snaps, and yogi waves.
  • Heart opening flow with Stephanie Snyder guiding over one hundred "oms".
  • Rounding out the practice with 'your way is the right way' meditation, JoAnna Harper.