Yogi Travel: Yoga Studio in San Francisco International Airport

As a frequent traveler or on a particularly laborious layover journey, what can be a better way to stretch your limbs between crowded planes and chill-out apart from the terminal hustle than an asana flow? Little known fact (or well known to SFO frequent travelers), San Francisco International Airport has two yoga rooms where you can do just that. Click here to read the full blog for more photos and take a peek into the yoga studio at terminal 2.

Challenge: 52 Weeks of Wellness

I am a believer in 'the sum of its parts', in that it only takes small steps toward an end to bring about impactful change. When taking on a challenge that may seem overwhelming, breaking it down into manageable parts makes it possible, doable, and one step closer to realization. Runners do this when they are training for marathons - building up endurance day by day. An artist does this through the process of sketching, drafting, prototype modeling, then working toward their completed work. 

When it comes to wellness, I think the process is no different. Adopting simple habits soon becomes a routine second nature that can lead to life-long healthy changes. With that, I've set out take on a challenge: 52 Weeks of Wellness, one simple tip each week that I am committed to adopt and will share here so you might too! Read on, and click the blog title links to see more on each topic.

Week 1: Fueling the Day with a Healthful Meal

Stay-tuned for more updates each week, and watch this list grow! Do you have a wellness tip of your own, please share it in the comments below.